The practical advantages of Vedanta or spirituality.

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Sanathan Dharma1

The focus of the subject of Vedanta is our Supreme Self or Reality or God. So Vedanta is a subjective study of our personality, importantly the subtlest Supreme Self within us and methods or spiritual practices to achieve Self Realization.

The advantages of following and practicing Vedanta philosophy are as follows:

  1. Vedanta is that facet of life which shifts our focus of life from the mundane to the Divine.
  2. Vedanta is that study or philosophy which enables us to regain our true identity or original personality of Divinity through Self Realization. We are the Supreme Self or God or Reality which is the subtlest enlivening principle that supports life from within the core of our being. we are not this limited, binding material aspects of Body, Mind, Intellect and Ego as we generally believe ourselves in our life time.
  3. Vedanta helps in developing objectivity in life, which is essential for leading a smooth, meaningful and purposeful life. Vedanta attaches us to a higher or nobler ideal / cause like Self Realization and hence naturally renders us objective towards lower aspects of life like chasing materialism and sensuality.Sri yantra
  4. Vedanta enables us to develop and practice noble virtues or higher principles of life that are essential for sensible life or living. Some of the virtues we develop through Vedanta are Humility, Non hatred towards other beings, Non Egoism, Non possessiveness, Forgiveness, self control or abstinence or practicing austerities, Self sufficiency, Friendliness, Cleanliness, Uprightness or Righteousness or Truthfulness, Patience, etc.
  5. Vedanta teaches Selfless service and sacrifice with the Physical Body.
  6. Vedanta teaches i) Universal love that is unconditioned and impartial, ii) Gratitude and surrender to Divine Providence, spiritual masters and wise or noble benefactors, with the faculty of MindProstration to Lord
  7. Vedanta teaches discrimination of the Real from the unreal, permanent from the transient, Transcendental from the terrestrial with the faculty of Intellect.
  8. Vedanta teaches proper sense of value and sense of proportion.Sayings
  9. Vedanta helps gain consistency of purpose and gives us the wisdom to accept our areas of ignorance and work with dedication, perseverance and steadfastness to gradually achieve nobler ideals of life.
  10. Vedanta refines our personality of the disturbances of Ego and Desires of the Mind and enables us to focus our energies on achievement of chaste and sublime ideals.
  11. Above everything Vedanta gives the conviction about one’s own Divine nature. Vedanta helps the individual to selflessly carry on with his duties according to the different roles in life, with tact and dexterity. The individual lives a life of harmony with Mother Nature by respecting and adhering the laws and designs of Mother Nature and Divine Providence.
  12. It enables him to appreciate eternities of life.      Deepam
  13. Vedanta develops wisdom of life in the individual. If not for the wisdom of Vedanta, an Individual is prone to or vulnerable to fall a victim to his own Ego, Desires, whims and fancies of Mind. This can end up in the ultimate destruction of the personality.
  14. Vedanta makes us realize that it is necessary to conquer oneself in life to conquer the world. That is realizing one’s Divinity or Supreme Self is the ultimate purpose of this human birth and existence. Our business in life is to work for our self unfoldment or evolution of the personality that will subsequently win over the hearts of others.
  15. Vedanta helps get rid of complexes in life like superiority and inferiority complexes. It renders a person with sound thinking, chaste emotions and selfless or sacrificial actions.
  16. Vedanta knowledge disseminates sacrificial attitude enabling the individual person to serve for the true welfare and development of the humanity. Vedanta equips the individual with the “third eye” in life, which is the “eye of Wisdom”.Third eye1



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